We are not your average Chiropractic office! Due to our commitment to excellence in offering health and wellness to our clients, we have continued to seek the best in treatment modalities, as well as continued our post-graduate training in the Chiropractic fields.

After 40 years of practice as a chiropractor, having seen thousands of patients, having continued and upgraded my continuing education and professional certifications, I have come to recognize that people seek alternative therapies outside the “conventional” medical approach for one simple reason: many of the alternative therapies work.

Health Consultation
Laser Therapy
Comprehensive Blood Studies
Hormone panels
Food Allergy Testing
Nutritional Support for Seriously Ill Patients
Frequency Specific Micro Current
Chiropractic Adjustments
Acupuncture (MN)
Electro Meridian Imaging
Seasonal Balancing
Vitality & Longevity Assessment
Ultra Sound
Graston Therapy
Three types of exercises: Flexibility, strength training, cardiovascular exercise

We are located at W9410 Cedar Drive, Pepin, WI 54759

We work by appointment, call us at 715.442.2016.